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Partnership expands Wilbur-Ellis livestock portfolio of ingredients; Canadian Bio-Systems enters new market

VANCOUVER, Wash. — November 26, 2012 — Wilbur-Ellis Company and Canadian Bio-Systems Inc. (CBS) today announced a joint marketing agreement for distribution of feed enzymes into the U.S. market.  Wilbur-Ellis, a marketer and distributor of value-added animal feed ingredients in North America and Asia-Pacific, penned the agreement with CBS to begin distribution this month.  For CBS, a manufacturer of products utilized in feed, food and industrial applications, this presents an opportunity for further geographic expansion into the U.S. livestock market and potentially into Asia-Pacific in the months ahead. 

“We recognize Wilbur-Ellis’ reputation and professional presence in the feed industry, which makes this partnership an excellent fit to enhance our market reach and service to the livestock sector ,” said Owen Jones, president of CBS. “It’s apparent that their feed and marketing expertise allows them to make on-the-cusp, knowledgeable decisions, and we can appreciate that as a company.”

Jones also noted that CBS would bring value and efficiency to Wilbur-Ellis’ livestock portfolio, ultimately benefiting many of Wilbur-Ellis’ poultry and swine customers in the U.S.   CBS, a company that provides innovative manufacturing solutions to the feed industry by focusing on science and technology, coupled with Wilbur-Ellis’ marketing expertise and local knowledge of the U.S. livestock market, formulates an ideal partnership that presents vast opportunities for both companies.

“We’re working diligently on growing our livestock portfolio of ingredients as we are increasingly seeing a demand from our poultry and swine customers for ingredients that bring value to their operations,” said Ron Salter, president of Wilbur-Ellis’ Feed Division.

“In today’s livestock market, quality of products is something that cannot be overlooked, and CBS provides that quality that our customers can rely on to raise healthy livestock,” added Salter.  

Wilbur-Ellis will be marketing and distributing a range of CBS products tailored to benefit specific livestock sectors.

Wilbur-Ellis has a long history of being a valuable resource and trusted partner in the feed industry.  By combining extensive agricultural resources and international marketing expertise, Wilbur-Ellis is able to work closely with its suppliers to find product solutions for its customers. 

Wilbur-Ellis’ Feed Division has distribution locations throughout North America and11 countries in Asia-Pacific.

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