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HALFWAY, Ore. – August 14, 2017 – In May, Wilbur-Ellis Feed donated $10,000 through its Impact Funds program to the Oregon Wildlife Foundation for the Lower Clear Creek Restoration Project, which includes revegetation, fencing, fish structures and stabilizing creek banks of a two mile section of Clear Creek that was affected by a flood event in 2010 in the Halfway, Oregon, area. The Oregon Wildlife Foundation will distribute Wilbur-Ellis’ $10,000 donation to the Powder Basin Watershed Council who has partnered with six landowners to execute the Lower Creek Restoration Project. The work is expected to begin summer 2018.


“The exciting thing for the Oregon Wildlife Foundation is to see landowner partnerships emerge, and having Wilbur-Ellis’ support will further strengthen these partnerships,” said Oregon Wildlife Foundation Executive Director Tim Greseth.


Wilbur-Ellis’ donation will go towards phase one of the plan, restoring 0.6 miles of Clear Creek, significantly improving livestock watering, water quality and critical bull trout habitat. Because of Wilbur-Ellis’ generous donation, the Oregon Wildlife Foundation is contributing an additional $5,000 to the project.


Tom Donovan, Wilbur-Ellis Feed financial planning and analysis director, described his excitement about the project, saying, “The funding provided by Wilbur-Ellis demonstrates what can be accomplished when you tap into resources from many groups to make a meaningful impact. In this case, the cooperation of landowners, Oregon Wildlife Foundation and Wilbur-Ellis will make a real difference restoring the health of Clear Creek.”


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About Wilbur-Ellis Feed

Wilbur-Ellis Feed is an industry leader in the international distribution and marketing of nutrients for the livestock, pet food, aquaculture and animal nutrition industries. For nearly a century, Wilbur-Ellis Feed has provided value-added ingredients, excellent service and creative solutions to maximize return for its customers and suppliers. Wilbur-Ellis Feed generates over $475 million in sales revenue annually and has over 30 locations across the U.S., Canada, Mexico, New Zealand and Japan. For more information, please visit www.wilburellisfeed.com.    


About Wilbur-Ellis Impact Funds

Every year, Wilbur-Ellis distributes funds for contributions that benefit the communities where its employees work and live. With a strong commitment and sense of shared responsibility for nearly a century, Wilbur-Ellis positively impacts local communities through these funds. To date, Wilbur-Ellis has donated over $6.5 million to our local communities. For more information, please visit www.wilburellis.com.


About the Oregon Wildlife Foundation

The Oregon Wildlife Foundation is a charitable organization that receives and distributes funds to various organizations for preservation, restoration and improvement projects throughout the state or Oregon. The Oregon Wildlife Foundation has directed millions of dollars to projects aimed at conserving fish, wildlife and Oregon’s natural habitat. For more information, please visit www.myowf.org.



About the Powder Basin Watershed Council

The Powder Basin Watershed Council is committed to promoting, restoring and enhancing the health of the Powder Basin Watershed, which covers nearly 3,500 miles of streams. Through careful water monitoring, community outreach and education, the Powder Basin Watershed Council develops plans and projects focusing on improving the conditions and functions of the watershed. For more information, please visit www.powderbasinwatershedcouncil.org.​

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