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There may be no greater challenge for companies doing business in the feed industries today than knowing that the products they buy, sell and/or process are safe, consistently meet quality expectations, and are in compliance with governmental regulations.

In this regard, Wilbur-Ellis Company can be your value-added partner if you too believe safe, reliable, and compliant feed sources are integral to the success of your business. Because of our own experience(s), anticipation of the U.S. FDA’s Food Safety Modernization Act, and the current and growing needs of our business partners, we have made critical investments in skilled professionals and key processes to ensure safe, reliable, and compliant products. With these investments we have the resources to help you navigate the incredibly complex issues that characterize feed supply chains and multiple markets. No other feed company of our size has built the expertise that is essential for market leadership today and well into the future.

In 2007, Wilbur-Ellis invested in enterprise risk management expertise with the vision of going well beyond the traditional model of buying insurance. We at that time made the conscious decision to invest in seasoned professionals with expertise in identifying and responding to the major risks that impact our industry; these included enterprise risk management, supply chain management, product regulatory compliance, and quality management. This team not only ensures our ability to deliver safe, reliable, and compliant products, but also serves as a technical resource group for our suppliers and customers.

 A Comprehensive Approach to Managing Risk


When Wilbur-Ellis determined that market leadership continued to be its destination, we realized that investments in highly specialized and skilled professionals would be necessary to develop and implement the controls necessary to provide greater assurance that we can continue to provide safe, reliable, and compliant feed products. These experts differentiate us from the rest – and provide you the confidence that we can deliver under the changing environment of feed safety, quality, and regulation. We began by hiring an enterprise risk leader who possessed a long history of helping companies in the food industry establish operational and administrative controls to prevent issues from happening in the first place. Our focus is on prevention. He knew that the feed industry would likely mirror the food industry in terms of tighter oversight and safety/quality measures and in that we have escalated our processes accordingly.

Next, we hired an experienced supply chain manager. With a strong background in Six Sigma and lean manufacturing, he has worked with the organization to establish programs around:

  • Supplier management
  • Product management
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Facility operations and implementation of HACCP protocols for Wilbur-Ellis and third-party locations
  • Quality Assurance

As a result, processes are now in place to closely track products from origin to Wilbur-Ellis’ operations to customers, with technology to facilitate tracking and monitoring for quality and safety.

Further, and part of managing risk effectively is to ensure that products comply with standards and regulations established by federal, state, and local government(s) and agencies. With this in mind, Wilbur-Ellis brought on board a product regulatory expert. As an active member of organizations such as the American Feed Industry Association, the National Grain Feed Association, the U.S. Pet Food Industry Association, and the Animal Nutritional Association of Canada, he has the inside knowledge to advise on current and emerging regulatory requirements not only for Wilbur-Ellis, but as a value add to customers too. He and his colleagues have a solid understanding of the HACCP principles for food safety and AAFCO rules state by state, so Wilbur-Ellis can guide customers on safe manufacturing processes both now and into the future as regulations become more complex and onerous.

Another essential element to a strong risk program is quality management. This led to hiring a quality management veteran to develop, implement, and continually advance a program that would go beyond quality control and assurance to a full Quality Management System (QMS) that embodies both corrective and preventative actions. This is a very involved discipline; from reviewing processing facility design and construction to warehousing facilities and transportation as well as integrating controls to ensure products meet quality expectations consistently. It also means working with suppliers to be sure their protocols around things such as product specifications and contamination prevention are aligned with ours.

Bottom line, Wilbur-Ellis is in the feed business with you for the long-haul. We are growing as the industry is growing, developing resources that meet the ever changing demands in the industry and offering specialized support and solutions to ensure our customers have the support they need to continue on their success.​

The Feed Division meets today’s rigorous standards for quality and safety.

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