The best relationships are built on trust, mutual respect, and a shared interest in the success of both parties. These have been the hallmarks of relationships Wilbur-Ellis has built with customers and suppliers since 1921. They reflect our core values:

What do these values mean for you? If you have a problem, we’ll find a solution. Drawing on a vast range of standard, niche, and hard-to-find products and sources, a creative, tenacious team will help you get what you need when you need it.

If we agree on a deal, that is the deal we will stick to, no matter what the market does. Your account team knows it is representing the Wilbur-Ellis name, so you can count on them to operate with integrity and never breach a promise.

If concerns over quality and safety keep you up at night, you can rest easier knowing you will be backed by a team of risk, quality, regulation, and supply chain management experts. This team possesses qualifications and experience normally found only in the largest of global companies.

At Wilbur-Ellis, we are proud of our history, but never stop looking ahead. So you can be sure we will adhere to principles set more than 90 years ago while continually looking for ways to make doing business easier and better, and creating new opportunities for all.

The Wilbur-Ellis Feed Division is committed to being an industry leader in the global marketing and distribution of ingredients for the animal feed industry.

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