What Our Employees Are Saying

Brent Quintin, Key Accounts Manager—Feed Division

“The people that I’ve had the benefit of working with and for over the years have been excellent people.  People that I would consider my friends and colleagues and I think it really sets this company apart.  I think for young people coming on board there is a huge opportunity. And I see some really good, quality people coming up the ranks and that’s positive for our long term growth.”

Lisa Trudeau, Marketing Assistant—Feed Division

“Working for Wilbur-Ellis has been a wonderful experience.  It is a very team-based environment where I have been encouraged to share my thoughts and ideas to help contribute to the success of this company.  I feel my hard work is appreciated and valued more here than at any other company I have worked for.”

Joel Mather, Facilities Operations Coordinator—Feed Division

“Working for Wilbur-Ellis combines the infrastructure benefits of a large global company while maintaining the atmosphere of a small family operation by focusing on its people and relationships.”

George Arkoosh, Director of Operations—Feed Division

“Wilbur-Ellis supports employees’ talents not only to the benefit of the company but to the benefit of the individuals themselves. The support and values of a long-term, established company such as Wilbur-Ellis allows me to carry on that company’s standards while at the same time strengthening my own principles, capabilities, and self-worth.“

Byron Stefiuk, Marketer—Feed Division

“Camaraderie, Cooperation and Collaboration:  We have all worked diligently to foster a culture where information is shared and opinions are canvassed, while maintaining entrepreneurial values and encouraging innovation.  We have built a tenacious team that is ready to take Wilbur-Ellis Feed to new heights.”

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