The rise in demand for fresh fish in Asia and continued demand in North America are fueling a continued expansion of the aquaculture sector. But as aquaculture flourishes, quality management, logistics, and sourcing must keep pace. That is why so many in the industry turn to Wilbur-Ellis.

Aquaculture sourcing experts are armed with forward-looking critical information on everything from newly established sources to changing political and regulatory policies, and how they affect supply. From Chile to Alaska, they monitor important market changes. This knowledge combined with Wilbur-Ellis’ extensive market reach helps customers feel confident that, whatever the market conditions, their needs will be met. We take pride in working with sellers who share our dedication to providing a safe, steady supply.

Working in partnership with this broad network of international suppliers, the Wilbur-Ellis team oversees product handling practically from the moment the fish leave the water. As fish oil, meal, and other coproducts are harvested and shipped, we monitor for safe production and transport. As product arrives in port, customers and suppliers can be certain that the right documentation is in place and is compliant with all local regulations. Finally, as part of Wilbur-Ellis’ extensive safety and quality programs, all facilities handling product operate according to HACCP guidelines.

Finding Alternatives
The supply of fishmeal is steadily decreasing, and for many Wilbur-Ellis customers, finding an alternative is becoming increasingly important. If you would like to explore alternatives, we invite you to call a Wilbur-Ellis specialist. Our specialists will help you analyze your supply and find new sources that won’t compromise on quality and nutrition.

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