Wilbur-Ellis provides a wide variety of hay and straw products for cattle and horses through facilities in California and Alberta. In partnership with farmers in these locations, Wilbur-Ellis makes available Alfalfa, Sudan, Bermuda, Klein, Timothy, and Oat hay and straw for North American and Asian markets. In addition, Wilbur-Ellis produces alfalfa pellets and cubes through its mill in El Centro.

With so much product passing through these facilities, Wilbur-Ellis has invested in strong quality management measures so that you can rest easy knowing that the products you are feeding your animals are safe and of high quality.

Quality management practices include:

  • A detailed inspection process – from field to container – to guard against any potential contamination
  • Moisture controls and monitoring to ensure products contain the right amount of moisture
  • Traceability measures through lot numbers so customers can track products from field to delivery

Alternative Products – Niche Products for Customers, Fresh Revenue Streams for Suppliers

Thanks to strategic alliances with food, beverage, and natural energy producers, livestock owners can also access other important sources of animal feed. Wilbur-Ellis has numerous marketing agreements in place with companies to produce these flexible coproducts, which are highly valued for their nutritional benefits.

Value-added Nutrition

With our partners, Wilbur-Ellis provides some of the highest quality of grain and forage products in the world. But livestock can still suffer from vitamin shortages that can result in lower milk or meat production. With this in mind, Wilbur-Ellis has established a comprehensive nutrition solution program, so whether you are a feed manufacturer or livestock producer, our nutritionists will work with you to maximize yield. The right, carefully combined set of nutrients means healthier, more productive livestock, which means a healthier, more productive business for you.


Organic agriculture continues to expand with certified organic farms, ranches and facilities now numbering nearly 20,000 in the U.S. alone. If you are one of these, you know the importance of finding a reliable, high-quality source of feed ingredients. Wilbur-Ellis can provide the solution.

Our certified organic cereal products include everything from barley to buckwheat, and our pulse products include peas and lentils. We also have excellent sources of organic oils.

“We analyze forages and feed for our customers, and then supplement with what they need – and not what they don’t,” says Griff Wooten, Director of Nutrition, Wilbur-Ellis Feed Division.

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